Saturday, May 23, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Description!

Kids Climb-It is an all-rubber alien environment open to exploration through hidden spaces, courses, items and interactive features. As such, the playground provides a basis for children of all ages to create their own games and playing style in a system that responds to their movement and connects them to one another. The groundscape and structure act together to promote healthy, open-ended connections and competition with one’s self and other children. Electricity generators are incorporated throughout the structure along with a time + energy stopwatch so that children learn about energy while traversing their own invented courses to see who can make the most of their movement.

The structure’s rope nets power feedback devices such as light, sound and water. The Climb-It-eer will experience an instant reaction from their environment when they hit upon a way to generate electricity, providing incentive to continue such activities. Among the hundreds of rubber donuts that they will run into and climb on are special “easter egg” donuts that, when hit, emit sound or light, audibly connect with someone on the other end, and spray mist on that Climb-It-eer or in a random location. In this way, they are encouraged to explore every corner of the environment in order to learn its secrets and create additional games that incorporate newly found features.

In addition to powering the interactive features, the stored energy created by movement is released at night as the structure lights up between each donut, turning it into a social space for adults and children. As sustainable energy practices take on ever-increasing importance, Kids Climb-It aims to educate the next generation on the potential power each of us has to affect our surroundings while providing new and unparalleled experiences of fun and exercise.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Technology Section

The total environment responds to the movement and play patterns of the Climb-It-eers: the structure acts as an organism, absorbing physical energy and converting it to electricity.

Play becomes educational as the Climb-It-eers experience the environment’s instant response to physical movement and receive a quantitative understanding of their own energy.

Innovative use of existing technology: Rope nets tug on rotary generators and toad stools compress piezo electrics.

Electricity is stored on site and spent on interactive features; excess energy powers lights at night for social events.

Three levels of learning: discovery as children seek out hidden elements and spaces; inquiry as they learn to use the play elements; interpretation as they create their own games with these tools.

Hidden features sustain mystery and allow for continuous re-invention of play.

The site is designed as a community environment to engage all age groups from toddler to adult.

Parents interact and participate in play: seating areas are integrated at the edges, and a shaded seating area is in the center with full views and access.

Every square inch is covered in recycled rubber such that no asphalt or steel is visible. The playground will exceed ASTM safety standards while creating a sense of danger and excitement.

Monday, April 13, 2009