Thursday, April 16, 2009

Technology Section

The total environment responds to the movement and play patterns of the Climb-It-eers: the structure acts as an organism, absorbing physical energy and converting it to electricity.

Play becomes educational as the Climb-It-eers experience the environment’s instant response to physical movement and receive a quantitative understanding of their own energy.

Innovative use of existing technology: Rope nets tug on rotary generators and toad stools compress piezo electrics.

Electricity is stored on site and spent on interactive features; excess energy powers lights at night for social events.

Three levels of learning: discovery as children seek out hidden elements and spaces; inquiry as they learn to use the play elements; interpretation as they create their own games with these tools.

Hidden features sustain mystery and allow for continuous re-invention of play.

The site is designed as a community environment to engage all age groups from toddler to adult.

Parents interact and participate in play: seating areas are integrated at the edges, and a shaded seating area is in the center with full views and access.

Every square inch is covered in recycled rubber such that no asphalt or steel is visible. The playground will exceed ASTM safety standards while creating a sense of danger and excitement.

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